In this place, you can see the exact date and time a specific Roblox user was last online. Simply chat their username (the system isn't case sensitive), click on the red block, and the information will appear at the bottom of the big block. This will show the information using the 12-hour clock, but the 24-hour clock (and info about other timezones) will be shown on the small block nearby.

It is efficient because in early 2017, for unknown reasons, the "Last Online" info that was originally on the player search pages was removed.

However, please be informed that the time is based on the Central Time Zone (USA) & you can convert it online to other timezones.

 [WIP: Making it look nicer, possibly with Screen GUIs]

This place utilizes HttpService & FilteringEnabled and is a simple/quick place I made. If there are any suggestions, concerns, or issues, PM me. Thank you!

  UPDATE: Added the 12-hour clock system (with A.M./P.M.) and it looks more readable & understandable now.

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