Word has spread that time is Ending... What does this mean? Can you find out and stop this event from happening? Travel through many areas, fight bosses, complete quests, collect swords, and save time itself in The Legend of the Fallen Kingdom 2 RPG.

Recent Update List (M/DD/YY) :

Version 2.0.4c Update (1/25/19):
- Fixed Shops
- More Exploit Patches
- Slight Armor Re-balance
- Removed Kill and Rebirth Scoreboards

Version 2.0 Update (12/23/17):
- Remade Boss Fight (ClockWork)
- Remade and Added New GUIs
- New Badges
- New Currency (Keys)
- New Knife + Skins
- New Pets
- New Secrets
- 4 New Areas
- Level Cap now at 3500 (Increase Cap from Chaos Rebirth 11+)
- Global Scoreboards
- 25% More XP for every Rebirth Lvl
- Bug Fixes

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