How to play:
Left mouse button and right mouse button for punches
Hold E to block
Press F to show player status
--you need 2 players or more to play (not for loners like me) 

V1.0 --Still not completed. No proper UI No proper waiting between rounds/duels/tournaments
V1.1 --Client Animations 
V1.1.1 --Animation fixes 
Character animations are much better 
V1.1.2 --More animation fixes 
V1.1.3 --Fighting works now :) 
Tournament is functioning well, although some bugs remained
 V1.2.5 --Animation fixes 
Waiting added between rounds 
Players health appear for each other
V1.2.6 --improvements to character animations 
minor changes in the UI
V1.2.7 --Added player status
Rank still isn't working


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