🌟 NEW UPDATE: Easter's Return! 🌟
🐰 Last year's Easter festivities have returned! Solve the puzzles hidden under the school to earn +1,000 Credits - plus, the Easter furniture is on sale again for a limited time only!
🎨 Plus, about 50 new pieces of fanart have been added to the lineup in Aesura's Art Shop! Check the shop daily to grab some new posters to decorate your house with.
🏫 VIP server prices were reduced to 10 Robux to make it easier for friends & family to play together! 


Welcome to Roblox High School 2! Enter a brand new school where you can play minigames to boost your grade. Meet new friends, explore a new map filled with secrets, customize your avatar, and enjoy lots of popular new features added to the game!

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Developed by Cinder Studio

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