In 🍩Donut Story Tycoon, you can buy different machines to make dough, cut dough into a donut shape, bake them into donuts, and decorate the donuts with 9 different toppings! 

💾 Auto save - no need to worry about losing your progress!
🎮 Donut eating simulator - click on 'Eat' to pick a donut to eat 😋
🐹 Buy costumes and dress up your pet!

UPDATE LIST: Please 👍Thumb up and ⭐Favorite if you enjoy the Winter Updates, and you'd like to: 

🏭🍩 Own a 2ND donut factory to make 10 NEW kinds of donuts, including caramel fudge, raspberry jelly, skittles & many more! --> Next update!
☕ Run a Donut Cafe & serve customers --> Planned!
💯 Receive in-game Badges
🏆 Daily Quests

💬 Got a suggestion as well? Contact me on Twitter @CloudsRBX - I'd love to hear :D

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