⚠️ This game contains flashing lights. Tread w/ caution if you have epilepsy!
⚠️ Youtubers should mute the music in this game. The button's in the top left corner.
⚠️ Fake shirts are being sold. Our official shirts are only sold in the group below. Buying these fake shirts WON'T support us!
💡 You can right click or long press on chat messages to translate them.

What do you do in this game? Well. All you do is: wait for your stop. created by noble 4j n' steven!
Airhorn - Steven_Scripts
Simon Says - EgoMoose
Autorank - Rankgun
more in the fanart room
This game is probably canon to Bus Stop Simulator

Chat commands:
!color - change minibus color
!lcolor - left airpod
!rcolor - right airpod
!anim - change sit animation
!cmds - for use in vip servers only
!setheart - change heart color
!note [msg] - set driver note
!togglepd - for donation chat tags
!quote - for simon says

~Record for overall server time: 200 Hours...
~efeuc is the best driver ❤️  


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