X2an's Transport (XT): Subways (v.14.3)

By X2an


Hello and welcome to Subways! This underground line called the "Circle line" has four stations, each one is special of it's kind. If you need to kick someone, just say "kick/" and then the username. With enough kick-votes, they player will kicked. Like/Wanna suggest stuff to this place? Join! http://www.roblox.com/Groups/Groups.aspx?gid=274335 Informations to Passengers: Please sit down when getting in to the subway. Do not stand 'cause it'll affect the ride for everyone. Do not try to get out on the track or the subway while moving, it can make it stop, derail and possibly get it stuck in a curve. Note to verision 14.3: Added signals to all stations and Line net-borads to almost all statins, plus in the subway. Re-builded the exits to woodavenue, by first fixing the glass that I left away for it's place, and removed the upper line of glass. On that way I both reduced bricks and used the new space on more required things. A city above the tunnels might be possible, but

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