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awakening was added for the first of april as a funny aba reference but it ended up being super fun so ill leave it in for now, the verdict i reached was that i cant keep it in forever since i didnt put effort into balance or optimization since it was for an event BUT the cool abilities it gives you will make it back into the game officially some day in a more polished and refined way

Set in the universe of Rogue Lineage by Monad Studios. This game does not take any assets from Rogue whatsoever and any resembling such are recreated entirely from scratch.

Rotting far beneath the barren tundra, smugglers and adventurers alike are racing to uncover the riches of this ancient laboratory. You, an aspiring mage, have ventured within from the icy wastes in hopes to further your studies. Will you find death, or salvation?

Exploiting bans are not appealable. Other game rules can be found in our community server.


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