Welcome to Deadly Sins Retribution! In this world, you can learn Magic, fight Enemies, and Master your Sins!

New Code will arrive with the upcoming update!

    Click to use Combat (Punch/Slash)
    Q + W/A/S/D to Dash in direction of the key (Mouse lock is recommended)
    R to Block
    Ctrl/Control to Run
    E to Equip Weapon from the waist
    F to Interact with objects/non-hostile NPCs
    M to Open Menu

Update Notes:
- Istar (BUFFED)
- Level Cap Raised to 250
- Christmas Magic
- Winter World (Lvl 75 Required)
   - 3 Quests in there (Only 1 of the 3 gives candy)
- 2 New Winter Weapons
- 2 New Winter Armors
- Winter Candy Currency




There are currently no running experiences.