A single-player first-person adventure.

Your name is Mr. Davidson. After hearing some strange rumbling noises coming from underneath the ground, you decide to come to the old, decrepit looking mansion in the woods... to find what those noises are coming from.

Was originally made for the GCC 2014 (and never finished). Now completely remade, with a new (awesome) story!

Keep in mind that this isn't exactly meant to be an action-packed thriller roller-coaster of horrorifying scariness and terror- but it does have an eerie atmosphere, and an awesome story that involves you inadvertently saving the entire world!

If the game lags and the cutscenes take way too long, turn down the graphics, if that doesnt work, make the window a little bit smaller. Then it should work perfectly! If not, please still give it a thumbs up and favorite. Thank you so much! ;)


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