The peace between land and sea is in danger. You must unite the Robloxian community across the seven seas and complete the challenges that await to restore order. Become the hero you were always destined to be in this epic, action-packed Roblox adventure.

This is now a legacy place. Prizes will not be awarded anymore.

Players were able to earn exclusive rewards for completing in-game event quests. The more quests the community completed, the more trials that unlocked! Completing these trials got players one step closer to the throne and the ultimate showdown for the future of Rolantis.

This game is available in these languages:
English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German.

This game was developed by:
buildthomas, evaera, MasterOfTheElements, Beeism, Director1406, Erythia, GunsBullets, OniiCh_n, RBXKyle and Novaly Studios (NoAlias, GGGGG14, DeepBlueNoSpace, PotOfPaint and Vocksel)


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