2 players needed to start a round. To open the Shop, press the 'P' key.

DISCLAIMER: This game is still in development. Bugs are likely to appear. It is also still being balanced, so things may be a little off. Please do not leave thumbs down because of this. All feedback is greatly appreciated. Message Biostream with any suggestions or complaints.

A random player is chosen every round to be the juggernaut, and everyone else is a seeker. The seekers must chase and kill the juggernaut as he collects tiny orbs strewn throughout a randomly generated maze. Chase wisely though, because while powered up, the juggernaut is nearly impossible to kill!

-Uses FilteringEnabled for exploitation protection
-Shop is loaded with upgrades
-Set traps to hinder your opponents
-Music for extra excitement (credits to Explode1, SkeletalOrigin, FedoraMasterB98, phantom1414, and Keyzen)
-Collect super balls to power up and get the Seekers off your tai


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