* The game is currently preparing its next major update. There will be little to no intermediate updates until then. Stay tuned.

Welcome to planet Vaktovia, the homeworld of the tyrannical Vaktovian Empire and your new home. From making ends meet to survive each day and seeking to earn the favor of the galaxy's destined rulers, governing the nation as a Senator or taking up arms against the Empire: what will you be in the world of Vaktovia? It's time to find out.

Vyyrahk City is a game led by a military government with ample job opportunities, crime and law enforcement. Join our community server to hear more.

💎 Premium benefits! 💎:
- 🏠 Exclusive Clocktower home!
- ⭐ Membership at the VIP Club in the Broken Jaw!
- 🏆 One free daily spin on the Hidden Wares Prize Wheel!

💰 Join our nation group here and get free paychecks:

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