Welcome to the Fazbear Ultimate experience! Play as whoever you want!

You can collect characters, roleplay, make friends and find some easter eggs laying around.
The game includes more than the original Ultimate Custom Night roster, some of the rejected characters that were never put into Ultimate Custom Night!
The gamepasses in this game let you get some of the extra characters like DeeDee, Xor,....

The image for the game was created by Obsidianhhater_YTReal,
The Golden Freddy poster is by Thudner333,
The morph decals are created by Oisinman5,
Credits to the model designs go to ChuizaProductions and TFEarts,
The Scrapped Showtime gamepass render is by ThunderingStatic,
Credits to CircusRama for parts of the roster builder
Description wrote by RIPhasabrain,

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