@Dev_Dudes - Development posts & retweets
@TactBacon - Coding (Framework)
@DrElyeuss - Chief Operating Officer
@xehuq - Coding (Framework)
@BusyCityGuy - Coding (Alpha Rewrite)
@SimplyRekt - Coding (Other)
@foggierleek - Vehicle Modelling
@MBSniper1 - Gun/Prop Modelling
@Vhippys - Gear/Prop Modelling
@FunnyHumanBein1 - Map Work
@parabellummort1 - Map Production and Design

Please report any bugs to our Server or @Dev_Dudes.

We are working hard on transitioning this project over to Alpha so please give our small Dev team some time and patience. 

Come test in the Pre-Alpha & Alpha Framework!

This game is a looter shooter inspired by Escape from Tarkov, Shadow of Chernobyl, Fallout Series, WarZ/Aftermath, Metro 2033, & Deadzone Remade.

Private Servers


This game does not support Private Servers.


    There are currently no running games.