In this world of anarchy, it's either kill or be killed—the choice is yours.

State of Anarchy is currently in the Proof of Concept (Pre-Alpha) phase, meaning the game is in a temporary state as it's being reworked. As of December 25, 2018, the game has been made free to play until the new build is ready for launch!

• Keep in mind that any loot you collect will not save.
• Game controls can be found upon entry in the lobby.

XP can be used in the Skill Tree system that will be implemented during Alpha. The amount of XP earned will transfer into Coalition Coins, although they won't be used purchase guns or body armor from vendors as you will have to barter instead. CC will be used to purchase essentials such as ammunition, weapon modifications, and body statistic-related items in order to prevent "pay to win."

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This game does not support VIP Servers.

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