Embark on your epic journey through the Grand Isles as a wealthy merchant, or the world’s most fearsome pirate: the choice is yours in Tradelands.

Tradelands is a naval action-adventure game centered around the nations of the Grand Isles. Its resources are at your disposal for however you see fit: 
- Discover crafting and a multitude of other skills. 
- Earn doubloons by trading cargo on old-fashioned sailing ships, engaging in piracy, or hunting criminals for their bounty. 
- Join up with other players in one of the in-game navies and rise through the ranks. Participate in massive roleplay battles with dozens of other players. (Check our social links to join a navy!) 
- Buy a house and decorate it to show off your wealth. 

Please note that the use of alternate accounts or bots for farming items, money, or other resources is considered cheating and you will be banned if caught. Scamming players, exploiting, and impersonating moderators are also bannable offenses.


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