'Did you know 1 out of 4 people suffer from depression. In this game you will enter the mind of a depressed person who is battling depression head on. This game is scary.....very scary so enter at your own risk!!!.

This game is based on Cry of Fear and my nightmares and Depression.' - NerfModder
Welcome back to Contained Insanity. It is important to note that NerfModder has unfortunately passed away. This game will be continued by ag4Official; the entire game is kept exactly how NerfModder had it last time he updated. Join NerfModder's Legacy keep up to date with his games, or if you need support with mental health.

[NerfModder's Legacy]

Rest in peace, comrade NerfModder.

[NerfModder's Legacy]
In memory of NerfModder, 1995-2015.

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