Welcome to Vienna Hotels [BETA1.0] ! 
Vienna Hotels is your destination for all your vacation needs, including the room service, water slide, bar , and so many more activities! What are you waiting for?! Book your room today!

6/18/2O18 - BETA
8/1/2021 - UPDATE BETA1.0 - REMAKE ALL And some new function
8/8/2021 - UPDATE BETA1.5 - REMAKE BAR And bar staff gamepass
2I/3/2021 - UPDATE BETA 1.6 - More teleport pad in water park, New Chat System. Remove Phone System
UPDATE BETA 1.65 - Improve lighting, New sleep animation
UPDATE BETA 1.7 - Fixed music system
UPDATE BETA 1.72 - New roommate system, Fixed some bug
UPDATE BETA 1.75 - Fixed Bug, New floatie, New Refreshment


There are currently no running experiences.