E - Sprint
V - Menu
1, 2, 3, 4 - Equip Melee or Sale Items
F, R - Adjust Filter
Right Click + Hold - Pick up Items

In Black Friday Simulator, everyone is given a shopping list full of hot, Black Friday deal items. The objective is to collect these items and then scan them at checkout- however, there are not enough items to please everyone's list. Thus, you must resort to physical aggression to fight over the items. The shopper with the most checked out items is the true winner of the sale!

The game runs EXCELLENT lag wise with 34 Player Servers, I've bumped the max to 45. Maybe 55 will be a reality! :) 

DEVELOPMENT BEGAN ON: December 21st, 2014

ARSENAL Solo Project: Dinizterz
Design Aid by dethtamer


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