As the Beta experience is currently in the works, support and updates have ended for this Alpha game. Updated on Beta progress will be posted in the H2S group and our dedicated chat server. 

Frame drops may be experienced when first joining. The cause of this is meshes being loaded. Please give it a minute or two. 

Welcome to Rails of the North, where you can take control of one of Canada's steel beasts. Whether it's the first steam trains that chugged through the Rocky Mountains, the classic 1950s diesels rolling through the Prairies on a cross-country trip, or the commuter trains that move Toronto today. 

A Highway 2 Studios collaboration, featuring... 
MobiusEagle - Lead Developer 
Scriptoral - Lead Scripter 
JohnDrinkin - Rolling Stock Development 
Supersnel11 - Map Developer 
Synchorus - Map Developer
CaptainDreadnought - Map Developer

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