This is one of my places that people loved. Now, I'm re-uploading it for everyone to play again. Enjoy! NOTE: I lost BC, so you cannot EARN the badges anymore. ___________________ Welcome to A Fisher's Life. You are a fisher. Your goal, is to catch fish, sell them, and basically make a fortune while staying alive. After your energy runs out, you will die. To stop this, run up to any bed, and hop in. ___________________ To fish, select your rod, aim for the water, and click to cast. You need at least one bait to use a basic rod. When you catch a fish, you can sell it in town. ___________________ The further the town is from the starting town, the less popular the town, the higher the fish buying price. You may want to rest up before heading out. VIP is in the starter town. Buy VIP in my t-shirts.


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