This is Based off of a game called DayZ Standalone 

   On the shores of western Canada, the apocalypse has begun. The few remaining will strive to survive against all odds. Weather, cold, zombies, and each other will factor in to your chance of surviving in the barren wilderness. Team together, loot cities, and build camps to survive in the dead mist. Update log can be found on /r/DeadMistCommunity. Game Development begun 1/1/2015.

TagsCusICan: zombies, roblox, survival, guns, base, building, survive, rain, weather, loot, inventory, zombie, dead, horror, cool, beans, wood, fun, awesome, exciting, find, scavenge, attack, rabbits, hunting, fishing, looting, hardcore, apocalypse, apoc, fallout, last of us, and other random tags, don't hate appreciate.


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