🌟Admin Adventures aims to take the admin game industry to a whole new level. To put it short, this is an admin game made sophisticated.

🔨 Added more save slots, up to 10 slots!
🧑 Added build permissions, you can now allow your friends to build on your plot!
📍Added plot landmark indicators!
🛠️Actually fixed rapture music(I think) and added a few more songs.
🛠️Fixed gui menu buttons having no sound.
📁Saving system is now more robust, and the game now autosaves every 5 minutes.
You can only save objects that were created in your plot. Objects created in another person's plot but transferred to yours will not save. You can view which plot the object is from in the bottom left corner. You can clone the foreign objects in your plot to make them yours.

🛠️Fixed rapture music not playing

P.S. SFA stands for Swim For Admin, which was the previous name of this game.


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