ok, since aparently people can't figure this out, when you start the game, you start at a menu. You are allowed to pick what map you want to be at when that menu comes up. The menu comes up every round.

Play paintball, CTF, and get to the spot all at the same time!pm me if you can think of a better name for this place. press C and have your mouse in the direction you want to melee to melee, r to trigger through grenade modes, f to through grenades, Q to trigger through paintball gun modes, click to shoot.
place vehicle's edited from Django136's "hovercar".when you get in the vehicle, press be sure you have deselected and reselected your paintball gun (for some reason you have to do that, I don't know why), press Y to start, X to stop, and U to fire your paintball gun.

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