Shut down = Update, Exploiter, Lag, or Rule breaker.

Hey, guys. So you guys might be wondering something: Why haven't I been updating this game recently? Well, I can finally tell you the answer. Today I am finally ready to annouce: Baldi's ROCKIN' ROLEPLAY! As I will still be updating this game once and a while, I will mostly be focused on working on this new game, due to this game being pretty.... well, let's admit- dead. :P but that still doesn't mean I still won't occasionally be updating it! This new game will include the Random Events (maybe), Many New Morphs, New Features, Better Scripting, MUCH LESS Free Models, Better Performances, and much, much more cool stuff! So get hyped, cuz Baldi's Basics Rockin' Roleplay is releasing sometime in 2021! (Although, I don't have an estimated release date, yet.) So, yeah! Enjoy this game and get ready for some Randomly Generated Roleplaying! :D


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