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[*R-E-A-D*] this before even clicking that shiny Play button. This game is actually a Showcase. You may even earn a badge or two. It's not made to run smoothly or nicely for everybody. No mobile devices. Computers only. No average computer will run this game nicely. Use something decent. Nice internet helps too.

This place is huge. Port Gloom has been a 5 month project, with a total of 43,000 Parts + 14,000 Unions (Total: 57,000) and around 13,000 Decals. The map covers a 1,500 x 1,500 stud area with 21 unique buildings and 6 unique quests. It's even got a full-blown Weather and Day/Night system. Just click any bed to skip across the day. 

It's all about exploring the map and helping quest-givers. Hang out with friends and have some fun! 
Thanks for reading!

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