☀️ = New lighting is here plus some important bug fixing! Doors should work now, along with the ship. Enjoy :)

This is a personal favorite Showcase of mine. Showcases are focused around graphics instead of gameplay. This game was an insane 5 month project that began in late 2015. The total piece count is beyond 60,000 with over 14,000 images. It's a tough Showcase to run, so make sure your computer and internet is up for it!

Relax and chat with friends. Enjoy the thunderstorms that roll in. Watch the birds fly around when the weather is clear, one may even land on your shoulder! If you're looking for a little more, talk to quest-givers. They'll give you access to parts of the map other players can't get to! 

Buy some Gamepasses below to support the game! 

Thanks for reading! ❤️


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