Thanks for Playing Flamingo. Credit to Bombgodd244 for map design. This game currently has 40 disasters which are: 
Noobs, Zombies, Robots, Guest Attack, Creepers, Giant Zombies, Taco Rain, Knife Rain, Rising Lava, Rising Peanut Butter, Rising Mountain Dew of Death, Crushing Wall, Lenny, THE B0X, Get Down, Baseplate of Death, Slenderman, Teh Epik Duck, Jeff the killer, BigFoot, Doge, S4N1C, Snoop Dogg, Rainbow Frog, Tank Attack, Fido, Trolling Troll, UFO, Jaws, Sword Fight, Hyperlaser Hyjinx, Rage Table Rampage, Illumina, Slingshot Strife, Paintball Palooza, Black hole, Tornado, Asteroid, Don't Press the Button, Four Corners, Erupting Volcano, and Weapon Warfare.


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