Endorsed by Nahr himself

Shutdowns and tweaking of stats should be expected, data is purged occasionally; join at your own risk.

Red dots on the radar are enemy ships, click them to target them
Blue dots are allied ships
Half dots are submarines

X - Fire Guns
Z - Fire Missiles
B - Fire Torpedoes
C - Track Shells / Reset camera
N - Drop Depth Charges
E - Activate Radar Jammer
T - Repair
1 - Toggle Torpedo Aiming Lines (Most useful for unguided torps)
9 - Toggle Music (Only works while deployed)
0 - Hide GUI (Good for screenshots)

W/S - Increase/Decrease Throttle
A/D - Turn Left/Right
R/F - Raise/Lower submarine

To launch aircraft, set them to 'Idle', or click 'Attack' with a target selected

Join our server here: YfJwKND


There are currently no running experiences.