As the dust settles the infinities arrive on a war torn planet far in the outreach of space. A planet that was ruined by war, the infinities are slowly rebuilding the planet and now call it there home. Vowing to never allow War collectives to harm a people or planet ever again, the infinities rise to defeat all war Groups.

Warning: Avoid the infected  of the planet, they attack the Alien Biological Threat ( War Groups )  And infinities ( Universal Peace Keepers )  Alike

Objective: Capture The Terminal at the crash landing of the space ship near the docs to Win!!  Hold the Terminal until you win!!

Raid: Must be official amount of infinities on planet to win!
More Updates Coming!

Note: I have recently seen how much this map has been popular, and I have a correction to make, I forgot to give credits to the one who made the map, MalgusGallente, I do not deserve full credit for this, thank you -BH

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