Game released in 2009 and it is still being continuously updated! 

Classic Roblox Style Arcade Shooter with non-stopping Battle in Facilities, Open fields, and even in your Team base! 
Eliminating enemies, capture Facilities and Flags to unlock rich options of Infantry Guns and Vehicle weapons. 

(Award: Roblox RGC 2012 User's Choice Game of the Year)

►Premium Benefits: Playtime Bonus Double

►Free Benefits: Play 15 mins a day, for 2 days to obtain Free "Ammo VIP"! 30 days for Free "Uber VIP"! 
(Permanent rewards)

►Platforms: Support PC, Mobile, Tablet

Latest Update: 04/02
Next: Est. 04/19
Full Patch Notes: 
Game is still updating even though we are getting lesser impressions with their bad algorithm.

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