► Important Notes:
Update every 1-3 weeks. 
Recent update: 2018/11/25 Version: 21.0.27
Game Options (Press " in-game) -> Patch Notes for further details
Press { to access Server List. 
To view the whole map, Please set your graphics setting to at least 7.

► What is BW?
☆ Classic combined arms shooter game.
☆ Team-based open battle style with various types of infantry weapons and vehicles 
☆ Not a round-based game, allows you to have non-stop free battle with your own play style
☆ Supports both First Person and Classic Third Person play

► Req.
This game is intended to be played on a PC.
Minimum recommended internet speed of at least 20mbps to enjoy the game.

► Discussion/feedback:
To find out how to contact me:

► Rules:

► New game (Zealous Fighter):

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This game does not support VIP Servers.

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