heyo this was a thing from me wanting to make a potentially balanced gear fight place; reworking a lot of gear (description is still there for legacy reasons)
it's pretty much abandoned at this point but i may well come back to it eventually

An attempt to remake (mostly change damage values, some need to be reworked) all gear its owner deems OP because the owner has super autism. They will be compared to the power of 2009/2010 gear as they were the "original" gear and are what the idea of gear power is to be based on, which the admins obviously did not follow, so I attempt to balance newer gear to make a more even and enjoyable gear experience. 

Currently working on: Nerfing/buffing needed gear. 

Notes to self: Finish summon swords, buff standard SB, (small) review justus gavel, (slight buff?) make phoenixes distinct, (poison dmg, frost dmg, fire dmg, ect) buff bone staff, give back flying to artemis (temp 4-6 seconds) immobility on dual sfoth spin


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