Lying on the outskirts of Vyyrahk, the capital of the vast Vaktovian Empire, Rally Point Tora hosts the armies of Vaktovia before they deploy to foreign star systems. The grounds were built in celebration of victory over the Robine, an effort in which was spearheaded by Skoldov Aquila Symaen in honor of the Vaktovians that valiantly dedicated themselves to Vaktovia in past and present. The grounds were officially opened on 2018.05.20 by the Eternal Emperor, Vaktus, the Father of Vaktovia, and have been used ever since as a staging ground for deployments into enemy territory far and wide.

[PROJECT OVERSEER] SkoldovSymaen | [ARCHITECTS] Andehl, BloodSpring, MasterParadox, SenorKawaii | [PROGRAMMERS] Andehl, ClanNotGuilds, LordHammy

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