Welcome to Starbattle's Der_Riese v0.3. This game is based on the 4th and final zombie map in Call Of Duty: World At War. The purpose of this game is to survive as many rounds as possible against Zombie and zombie hounds. There are infinite rounds, and zombies health increases each round. Any problems/glitches you find do PM me about them and ill try and patch them. :) Type 'kick PLAYERNAME' to vote kick. Hint: Link All 3 Portals to gain access to the Pack a Punch.

Last updates: v0.3 . New zombie and hellhound animations. . Weapon Gui has been redone. . More sounds added - Perks, zombies, environment. . A lot of game fixes and better performance.

Controls: [R] = Reload, [F] = Interact with Environment & Revive Player, [Right Click] = Aim Sight, [V] = Knife, [G] = Grenade/Molotov/Monkey Bomb, [X] = Bouncing Betty, [Left Shift] = Sprint.

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