in developement.

update 1.10
- winter map (christmas!)
-NOTICE - Many sounds aren't working anymore due to roblox's new audio system. As a result, i'll find some new stuff. thanks.
-attack on yeet has been temporarily removed for the snow map, as it doesn't really fit the theme.
-fixed a bug where the upstairs bathroom would fling itself into oblivion, giving access to the outside
-added improved player functions.  

future updates:
-working on fixing the fact that you can hear chloe's vaporwave blasting from different rooms in the house
-various player glitch fixes
-more christmas decorations

warning: this place has been contaminated with my weird personality. 
if you don't like the following:

a person who did extremely terrible things that i will not mention lurking outside the window

then please, avoid it for your own health. if you think all this is fine and normal then proceed, with caution.


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