⚠ Sharpshooter Mines will be closing on November 8, 2023, since the number of active players is close to zero now, and it is not possible to maintain the game going forward.

While the official Sharpshooter Mines is closing, the game is now uncopylocked for anyone who is interested, so you are free to copy, reupload, and modify the game in any way going forward! See the "README" file in the workspace.

Thank you to the dedicated few out there who have stuck around even after all this time! Sharpshooter Mines was an experimental project from 2015, and while it was never able to reach wider appeal on Roblox due to the more difficult/punishing nature of the game turning players away, every failure serves as a lesson for the future - and I'm glad at least a few people out there have been able to enjoy the game during its time on Roblox! Thanks for playing.


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