New and more powerful cogs, built by the Foreman, VP, CFO, CJ, and CEO, have emerged to conquer Roblox! It's up to you to put a stop to them and save roblox from this new threat. If you aren't in the mood to fight the cogs, hang out in the lobby with friends or allies to develop the perfect strategy to destroy the cogs.

Toonblox is based after an old Disney game called Toontown Online ® and this is only the DEMO version of what the full version of the game will be similar to. Please note this game is a simulation of what battles are like in Toontown.

ATTENTION: The development of this version of Toonblox has stopped, for I am now working on the full version of this game, known as Toonblox Universe! Almost everything found here will someway be in the full version of the game.

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