🚀 Launch and ride the Space Shuttle Advantage into space! Then complete your satellite deployment mission into orbit and return to Earth with your team, reach the Space Station, the Moon and other planets, and then bravely rocket up to the alien home world to discover extra-terrestrial weapons you can bring back to Earth!

👽 But watch out, the aliens know you're trying to get there!

🪐 Click the icon below to join Pinewood Builders and teleport to Mars at Mission Control!

Project Advantage, our effort to launch a network of interconnected laser satellites! This game was featured in the Roblox Spotlight blog and the 2013 London Bloxcon. Released to public- 05/28/2012

- Helpers + Credits: RedDwarfIV, Coasterteam, Irreflexive, Lenemar, Csdi for help with weapons.


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