☢️ Explore a secret underground facility that's about to explode! Your mission is to keep a huge nuclear fusion supercomputer reactor from reaching meltdown. Or is it? You decide your team! Explore every corner of the facility, drive trains, survive disasters, get infected, press every button, discover secrets, and you may just make it out alive!

🔫 Protect the facility as PBST, or cause chaos and nuke the core with your laser weapons as an enemy TMS faction!

👽 Progress by surviving events, earn credits to buy more items!

💵 Click the icon below to join Pinewood Builders for extra +1 per event credits!

⛑️ Become PET and put out fires, clean up radiation, give out med packs!

Helpers + Credits: Coasterteam, Irreflexive, Lenemar and Csdi especially. WickyTheUnicorn, Anucat, aburntpoptart, Omni, Sigma, Terrariabat, UnsayOrc, Supremo, TenX, KaiT4 for help with weapons, posters. Thank you Jay Cosmic for permission to use your song.

Game Rules:


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