⛏️ The mine needs your help!

Drive huge dump trucks and loaders and work for the mine! Explore and dig through the vast caverns, uncover mysteries and hidden treasures in the depths below! 

🦖 Find the artefacts and ancient dinosaur bones then pick up expensive gemstones which you can then in exchange buy weapons and cool items with at the store!

💎 Depending on the type of gem you find you can earn more! 💎 

+💵 Join Pinewood Builders below for extra money from gems and access to the HUGE excavator! +💵

🚚 Transport the valuable resources on board haul trucks and trains over to the giant rock grinder where they are crushed and refined.

🌋 If there's an earthquake and lava flows, evacuate the mines as soon as possible! Get out of there!

⛑️ Become a search and rescue hero and collect people from the mine before it's too late!


There are currently no running experiences.