(This game is an older 2011 PB project that may have some broken aspects due to not being updated for a long time) 

Welcome to the Pinewood International Space Station, a large station that houses spaceships and also has it's own propulsion boosters, orbital gyro stability systems, defense shield and turrets for any attacks or asteroids, as well as artificial gravity. 

This station serves as one of many to refuel mining ships coming to and from earth as well as any other operations taking place extra-terrestrially such as research operations, Europa base.

In orbit alongside being supplied by the station is PB Planet Cracker ship TITAN, landing is cleared on the pad. The ship key card for piloting spacecraft and escape pods can be found in the Main bridge. Use Y to start, M to speed up and N to slow down; X will stop the engines. When in Zero-G, use W key to move, and move the mouse to pan around. Use Q and E to rotate your body.


There are currently no running experiences.