This is the official hangout area for .: Furry Fandom :. where users in and outside of the group can hangout!

🔞 Inappropriate subjects or actions are not tolerated and should not be mentioned. This includes shirts, pants, or T-shirts you might have on.
🛑 No bypassing of the Roblox filter is tolerated, and all things stated in the chat must be SFW.
👍 Respect everyone, including staff (yes, being passive-aggressive counts as a violation of this rule).
💬 Spamming is not permitted under any circumstances. 
🖥️ Exploiting is not tolerated under any circumstances, and will result in a automatic ban.
📣 Raiding or joining the game to troll is not tolerated under any circumstances.
❗ Use common sense. Trying to find loopholes in the rules will still result in being reprimanded.
🥽 Please give people using VR some space so they can see properly.

The donator rank is legacy and will not be awarded.


There are currently no running experiences.