Get your Box and skinny jeans because it's time for Noob Racing!
Race against your friends, or 40 year old strangers, and make them cry.  Everyone can join! So be a man and race as a noob! (Raging is allowed)
Description will be improved soon, dont worry xD

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This game is IOS/Android compatible! However, you will need a powerful device to play without glitching out all the time.

I know that when 2 boxes bump into each other they will probably collide into each other and glitch out. This is due to the ROBLOX physics, and i'm not able to fix this. Let's just hope ROBLOX improves their physics one day...

Latest Updates:
- Added a Anti-Block to the Boxes
- New Twitter Code
- Re-Added all Boxes + 2 New Boxes
- Added a Credits Screen to the Lobby

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