(Not done) The Mesabi Range was built in 1908 for Inland Steel's ore carrier fleet as the Bill R. Block(fictional). When built she was equiped with two scotch type marine boilers and a tripple expansion engine. After going into layup during the start of Inland's downfall in 1980 the vessel was bought by MSC but still had a contract to haul taconite for Inland until 1982. The vessel itself although very well taken care of by both companies was almost untouched from her original condition except for a complete engine swap out in winter layup of 1982 where the original tripple expansion engine was taken out, donated to a museum, and replaced by the cross compound turbine out of another Inland boat in lay up. The whole process was completed without a drydock in MSC's yard with assistance from engineering firms and a heavy haulage and crane company.


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