Welcome to Bloxio, a 2D adventure! For best performance, resize your screen to surround the blue game area (giving room for the chat bar and roblox menu button, of course).

Feel like making a level? Download Tiled along with the tileset listed below and get creative! When you're done upload the map as an image to a lossless image sharer and send me the link. I'd be happy to add it to my game, and I'd give you credit!

Have some music that would go well with this place? Send me a message and I'll upload it and add it to the game!

I plan to add player points and a level editor if this game gets popular.
The max players will be increased as time goes on, I just don't want the first room clogged up with 100 new people.

The tileset used to create the maps is by Eris on opengameart (/content/platform-tileset-nature).
The tileset used for zombies is by Curt on opengameart (/content/zombie-rpg-sprites)


There are currently no running experiences.