📋 Welcome to Drizzle Application Center!

🗄 | Rules

I) Your account must be 15 days or above in order to take a quiz.
II) Leaking answers into any platforms will result in a ban of all your accounts, you’ll be terminated in our communication server and ROBLOX.
III) Re-applying repeatedly after being fired will result in a ban.
IIII) Using an alternate or new accounts to bypass a ban is not tolerated.
V) Any kind of abusing our system is a ban, this includes exploiting / passing by a mistake of system / benefits of bug usages etc..

📖 | After having a job!

If you passed! It would be great to see you at the hotels! You can also start working as a trainee, to rank up you must attend the training session which can be found in our Communication Server. 


There are currently no running experiences.