🎭 Witch Mask - 5,000 qty
Hurry and redeem your Chucky Mask while supplies last! These things run out fast so start the hunt right away.

🔪 Endless progression with the new weapons upgrade system
🔫 Level up your weapons by gathering and merging th em to create better versions
⚔️ Spend GC, reach certain GP levels and do specific actions to unlock the best upgrades
🗡️ Available for the following weapons: Nail Gun, Roman Candle, Poison Roman Candle, Freeze Roman Candle, Fire Roman Candle, Paintball Gun, Water Pistol, Shotgun, Potato Gun

🚪 “Welcome to… Griefville. 
👻 There’s something…spooky about your town and the people in it. 
🪦 Horrible secrets lurk in the dark and it’s up to you to survive,
🪓  And when the sun goes down… that’s when the NIGHTMARE begins. 
🌙  Can you Survive the night?”


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