my new town. It's not finished yet so no negative criticism. To be clear it's a fighting game, use your gear to fight other players until it's a major gear fight, and for those of you without gear, I added a "Chassis" so you can just drive around and run people over :p. If there's a Chassis around, it's free game go ahead and take it. invite some friends and battle, remember 3's a crowd but 4's a party and 5's a riot. so if your bored invite a friend.

I'm going to add in a sk8board for the contest, AND a paintbucket, and then unlock the parts, so you vandals should like this.
right now the best fighting scenes are the street with the traffic light, the park, where you disturb the peaceful are :p, the bridge, because a good old fashioned bridge fight is always fun, the skyscraper, ruin the buisnessmen's work area, on TOP of the skyscraper, battleing on heights. and in front of the shop, drive away buisness.

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