This is my idea for the roblox leaderboard system:
-Sort of like the roblox chat system where you’re given a new service called “leaderboard service”
-The leaderboard system would be completely object orientated(if it isn’t already)
-Things I’ve remade; the character limit on each players leaderstat value gets substringed lower than the one on the top bar, ive increased it as it still fits and shows slightly a bit more
-You can allow users who are in groups or users just alone to have a custom name color on the leaderboard and a custom logo rather than a typical bc logo or owner logo. It allows allows you to show more than one user as an owner on the leaderboard incase a dev team shares the game as a group owned game
-issues: There’s a slight overlap on the top bar since i can’t hide it or remove it without having to recode all the other systems(chat system, backpack, etc.)


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